Dick Johnson

Dick Johnson rakbursti

3.290 kr

The stylish black razor in itself takes shaving to a new level. Pure Bristle bristles offer a pleasant massage and light exfoliation when used, and it also lifts beard hairs before shaving. The concise tool offers versatile benefits when shaving. The bristles of the beard soften over time.

 How to use: Soak the razor in hot tap water, and shake off the excess water. Roll the wool against the shaving soap for about a minute until the wool is loaded with fluffy soap. Use a squeegee to apply the foam to the area to be driven.

Weight: 50 g | Bristles: Boar | Size: 21 mm

CORE is a product series launched by Dick Johnson, which, as the name suggests, focuses on the essential core of the problem. The products of the CORE product series are straightforward and true to the Dick Johnson style, sinfully good! The CORE product series includes high-quality shaving, skin care and washing products for daily use.

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