Dick Johnson

Antichrist svitalyktareyðir

5.390 kr

Dick Johnson Antichrist Stick antiperspirant offers reliable protection to keep you fresh all day. Dick's antiperspirant contains carefully selected ingredients, which together combat sweating and odors effectively. So it is a stick antiperspirant made by hand from natural waxes. This product lasts all day and provides strong protection against perspiration. Because the product is made of stronger natural waxes, it really stays in the armpit until the evening. I haven't tested it, but I'd say that after a week of rookie camp, you still smell good, at least in your armpits.

Since it is an antiperspirant made from natural waxes, it creates a protective layer on the skin, and a little extra soap is required to remove it. But why wash it off when you can just add a new one on top?

Scent: Intoxicating, loved and made with a secret recipe: Dick Johnson Original Scent - Whiskey & Vanilla.

Powerful and Natural Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter: This natural cream moisturizes and soothes the skin, improving the application experience, also helping to neutralize odors naturally.

Coconut Oil & Glycerol: Light and skin-caring ingredients that help keep skin soft.

Aluminum chlorohydrate: An effective ingredient that reduces sweating and provides long-lasting protection. Sunflower seed wax: These ingredients help the product spread on the skin and improve the texture.

Vegetable oil & Candelilla wax: Create a pleasant feeling on the skin and help stabilize the composition of the product. Ascorbyl Palmitate: Provides pleasant fragrance and antioxidant protection.


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